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September 20, 2005

Day 4

its back to one crap per day. but I must admit, i've never spent this much time looking into a toilet before. Today's contestant was colorful and mighty. and i just don't think i can go on to describe much more than that.

time for a poo haiku:

tiny bowels why
refuse to share your secrets
gimme a worm, please!

I think I may be eating less because I don't feel as hungry as I usually do. This was one of the reported side-effects, but it could also be do to all the attention I'm focusing on it.


ooh looks like i blogged too soon!
and this time, I got more of that stuff that I will call bowel phlegm (BP). This is mildly exciting. My poo is even floating, like happy poo is supposed too! According to the literature I've read, food should pass through your system at a pretty fast clip (within 30 hours of consumption, i think). Anything longer than that means its just decomposing in your system and by the time it gets out its dark and compacted, so it sinks. But happy poo is light colored and floats!

yay!! i have achieved floating poo!

Posted by julia at September 20, 2005 3:08 PM