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October 1, 2005

prepping for the 3 day cleanse

ok. Today I am going shopping for the "food" I will be eating on the three day fast. I've decided to start on Tuesday since I'm planning on drinking on Monday night... (I don't think sour apple martini is on the cleansing diet). Planned food items for three day diet are:
(3) 16 oz of prune juice (breakfast)
(3) 1 Gallon of apple juice (for the rest of the day)
(3) 1 apple if I get really really hungry for dinner
and all the water I want!!! I can also have some olive oil to lube up the system.. damn this stuff is getting weird..

but, it should be remembered that when I am done, I will have theoretically eliminated some amount of toxic waste from my system.. Geez, why doesn't the FDA do something really useful and evaluate this stuff?


ok, one visit to Whole Foods and $30 later, I have all the organic juice I can lay my hands on. A Gallon is a lot bigger than I originally thought. how am I going to cart a gallon of juice around to work and class??? small thoughts of stapping on my camel-pak are starting to cross my mind. I'm very enthusiastic to start, but am going to be patient until tuesday. At least if I start going delusional from hunger, I'll be at work.

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October 4, 2005

Juice-fast : Day 1

I'm scared to drink the prune juice. It looks like coffee... in my coffee mug.. a heaping 16 oz of dirty lookin' water.

Oh well, I didn't cart in all this juice to work for nothing...

wow. that wasn't bad at all. alright then. allegedly, the prune juice will cause all the toxic materials in my body to be flushed out through my bowels. wheeeee - e - e - e...
ok, I drank all the prune juice and I'm on to the gallon of apple juice... 128 ounces to go.
My stomach knows something is up.. its been grumbling for an hour now...

--------- GRAPHIC CONTENT ------------------

ok. the weirdest thing just happened. I'd been getting these odd gas/hunger pangs for the last hour. My tummy had been making noises, and I'd gotten through about 40 oz of juice (about 5 cans of soda). I decided to go to the bathroom to pee, cause I'd had a LOT of juice. Once I sat down, it was like a fountain of dirty water starts shooting out of my ass (*god I hope you don't know me, cause I don't think I can talk about this face to face*). It starts out pretty heavy and filthy as the remains of what appears to be all the food in my system, makes a run for the exit. And then after a bit, it starts clearing up, like my little bowels are getting a nice rinsing from a car wash or something. And I feel great! Happy clean-ish little bowels! I must be going nuts...

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October 5, 2005

Juice-fast : Day 2

oh boy.

now I know why no one ever talks about this kind of thing. There is not a speck of food left in my system at all. My ass spent yesterday in the toilet acting like a puking sorority chick. On the upside, it was painless and only mildly inconvenient (but pretty noisy - i try not to use the bathroom if people can see me getting into a stall).

So here is day 2. I feel fine and I'm not hungry at all. I checked the nutritional info on my juice and I figure I'm getting about 1500 calories (all carbs). And now that I've stopped eating, I have a lot of free time which I've invested into catching up on the Tivo. ooh, and here is a shout out to my friend Nutter Butter who was kind enough to let me know how much he's enjoying the blog. And yes, you are sick... sick sick sick.

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October 6, 2005

Juice-fast : Day 3

Wow. Zen has finally hit. I feel fine. I cut back on the juice though. A gallon is a ridiculous amount of apple juice to consume in a day. Here is what I have learned from three days of eating NOTHING:

1 - appreciate the way your food tastes. I gained an extra two hours every day when I wasn't eating. So if I am going to take the time to eat something, it better be good.

2 - When you aren't feeling fat and happy from lunch, you pay more attention to things. Like the fact that you should make decisions that make you happy. Don't take crap from people. (you know, the usual deep thoughts you read on blogs)

3 - hmmm... errrr
wow. i thought I learned more than that. oh well.

fasting was kind of fun. I don't know if I would do it again though..

omg, i lie like a dog on a rug.
I just got locked in a room with people eating lunch from Baja fresh... ooohh leetle tacos and burritos!!!

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October 9, 2005

The End

Well, this is the last entry of my poo blog (I am so sad to see it go *snif*). Someone who noticed I was juice-cleansing (see, I'm not the only one!) asked me what I was changing about my life. Evidently, for some people, this internal cleansing is a good time to make positive changes in their lives. Unfortunatly, my answer was "uhmm, don't you ever get bored sometimes"? But I am still glad I did it. I pay more attention to what I eat now and my complextion actually cleared up during the fast.

So, if anyone is reading this.. go do something you want to do.

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