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October 1, 2005

prepping for the 3 day cleanse

ok. Today I am going shopping for the "food" I will be eating on the three day fast. I've decided to start on Tuesday since I'm planning on drinking on Monday night... (I don't think sour apple martini is on the cleansing diet). Planned food items for three day diet are:
(3) 16 oz of prune juice (breakfast)
(3) 1 Gallon of apple juice (for the rest of the day)
(3) 1 apple if I get really really hungry for dinner
and all the water I want!!! I can also have some olive oil to lube up the system.. damn this stuff is getting weird..

but, it should be remembered that when I am done, I will have theoretically eliminated some amount of toxic waste from my system.. Geez, why doesn't the FDA do something really useful and evaluate this stuff?


ok, one visit to Whole Foods and $30 later, I have all the organic juice I can lay my hands on. A Gallon is a lot bigger than I originally thought. how am I going to cart a gallon of juice around to work and class??? small thoughts of stapping on my camel-pak are starting to cross my mind. I'm very enthusiastic to start, but am going to be patient until tuesday. At least if I start going delusional from hunger, I'll be at work.

Posted by julia at October 1, 2005 3:56 PM