Guidelines for redesigning Rupture's Front.

  • Required files:


    Additional files should follow the same logical conventions as above. Images should be in either gif, jpg, or png format. Feel free to use SSI or other shtml constructs. I will generally edit it up to make use of certain things, like timestamps and the lmo (last-modified order) script, so don't worry about that. Don't put the images into a subdirectory unless you have dozens of them.
  • Info on favicon.ico can be found at and probably other places.
  • rupture.theme.banner.jpg should be 50 pixels high by 150 pixels wide.
  • Decide on a name for your theme and use it in your file naming conventions. For example, if your theme uses a picture of a volcano as its central idea, your files would be:


    and so on.
  • Use a stylesheet. This is paramount in importance. It makes it so that we don't have to edit a dozen files for compliance. At the bottom of the page, please find a rough outline of the current one. View::Source to see it. Please use the tags in it at a minimum. Also feel free to extend it by adding new tags that you feel are appropriate.
  • Please try to make it cross-browser compatible. Fourth generation browsers should be the target audience. Please test it and make sure it looks reasonably sane in both Netscape and MS IE.
  • Try to preserve the links from the previous generation of the front page. But feel free to rearrange them, recategorize them, or change their descriptive text. Use your judgment.
  • Build it in a subdirectory of your site and point the admin to that url. ie:
  • Make sure that text is inside <P> tags.
  • Make the code legible. Use comments if you do weird things.
  • Keep javascript to a minimum, if used at all.
  • Keep image sizes small.
  • Make it tasteful.
  • Be creative.

----- begin style.css -----

----- end style.css -----


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