New Mail Notification

If you ssh to Rupture, you can have Rupture tell you upon login if you have any new mail. Note that this will not be of much use if you use TWIG or a desktop-based email client.

Setup is straightforward. The first thing to do is determine what shell you're using. It will likely look like one of the following:

generic@zen:~> echo $SHELL


[generic@zen generic]$ echo $SHELL
[generic@zen generic]$

If you're using tcsh, as in the first example, do this:

generic@zen:~> echo "[ -x /root/ ] && /root/" >> .login

If you're using bash, as in the second example, do this:

[generic@zen generic]$ echo "[ -x /root/ ] && /root/" >>  .bash_profile
[generic@zen generic]$

Now, log out and back in. You will see either "You have new mail!" or "You have no new mail." If the system can't find your mail file at all, you will see "No mail file found." If you would like the system to not say anything if you have no new mail, modify your .login or .bash_profile (as determined above) like so:

[ -x /root/ ] && /root/ -q

The -q (for quiet) option will silence the script if you have no new mail (or the system cannot find the mail file).

Feel free to email the admin with any specific questions etc.


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