SpamAssassin Setup

SpamAssassin setup is automatic! From a shell, run /root/ and you're done! If you already run TMDA, this script will integrate SpamAssassin into your current setup. If you don't run TMDA, it will set up SpamAssassin on its own. Please browse through these instructions anyway if you want to do anything beyond the basics.

Most of the defaults should be sufficient. One thing you might want to change is what SpamAssassin does to messages it tags as SPAM. By default, it puts SPAM messages into a folder called 'spam.' If you would rather just delete the messages, you can do that:

generic@froody:~> pico .procmail/rc.spamassassin 




That is, delete the # mark from the /dev/null line and put it in front of the $MAILDIR/spam line.

More tips and tricks to come.


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