Rupture Dot Net Services

These services are provide gratis to the users of Rupture Dot Net:

  • Shell account on a UNIX-like system.
  • 250MB storage space.
  • Web hosting ( or or
    • 4GB data transfer per month.
    • CGI access (Perl or PHP).
    • Movable Type (blogging software)
    • SSI.
    • Pretty webserver stats with charts and graphs - take a look.
  • Many methods of access: ssh, sftp, scp.
  • Movable Type weblog publishing system.
  • Email account ( or
    • This account can be accessed through IMAPS compatible clients.
    • You can send mail using SMTPS or SSL/TLS.
    • The above receiving and sending methods, IMAPS and SMTPS/SSL/TLS respectively, use cryptographically to secure the communications.
    • Secure, Web-based access - take a look.
    • Email can be accessed through a shell session using mail, Pine, or Mutt.
    • Email sent to this account can be forwarded to another address.
    • Spam protection including TMDA and SpamAssassin available.
  • MySQL Database access
  • GPG
  • Majordomo mailing lists.
  • Decent support and pointers-in-the-right-direction (or at least admonitions of RTFM).

These caveats are made on the services of Rupture Dot Net:

  • There are no guarantees of anything. We do a pretty good job, but shit happens.
  • If we do not like what you're doing, we reserve the right to deny services to you. This generally means illegal things, like kiddie p0rn. The admin doesn't care much about content or style.

These restrictions are made on the users of Rupture Dot Net:

  • None currently. Just don't push it.

Additional notes:

  • We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time with no notice.
  • Contact the admin (via email below) if you have any questions, problems, ideas, or concerns regarding Rupture Dot Net.


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