SSH login to Rupture Dot Net.
After the applet initializes and loads, click on it to get keyboard-focus. When you see login:, proceed to login as usual. Ctrl-RightClick gives you a pop-up menu of options.

This only works with browsers such as Netscape 4.x+ and IE4.0+ that support all (needed) classes in java 1.1.

SSH normally uses port 22. Telnet normally uses port 23. On Rupture, both port 22 and 23 are SSH. This java client uses port 22 by default. If you suspect that you can't connect on port 22, try this: Ctrl-RightClick on the applet, choose Settings, then SSH Connection. Change the port from 22 to 23.

Ugh, Java. Ugh, web-based SSH client. I know, I know. The goal was accessiblility.

For the discontented, there are many SSH clients. See this page for more info.

Whenever you're ready, connect to using protocol: SSH. If you're firewalled, remember to try both port: 22 and 23. Any questions/problems, email the admin (addy below).

You can make the ssh session a separate window by clicking here or put it back in the main page by clicking here.

Java SSH implementation by Appgate.