Rupture offers a lot of standard UNIX features. We also offer some things that are above and beyond. When they're tricky, we'll try to help you make them work. In this vein, we have put together some documentation for things we think you'll find useful. Simple, precise, step-by-step prose.

Rupture Terms of Service. (Rules, Regulations, and Offerings)

Rupture TMDA Documentation. (Never see SPAM in your Rupture mailbox again)

Rupture SpamAssassin Documentation. (Another way to limit SPAM)

Rupture Procmail Documentation. (Filter your email into folders and more)

Rupture Secure Email Documentation. (Ensure that nobody can snoop your email)

Rupture Cron Documentation. (Schedule jobs for future execution)

Rupture htaccess Documentation. (Password protect your webpages)

Rupture New Mail Notification. (Have Rupture tell you upon login if you have new mail)

Rupture Good Ideas. (Some general things to get you rolling with UNIX)

Feel free to email the admin with any specific questions etc. Also, feel free to request topics for additional documentation.


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