So, you have an account at Rupture and have no idea what to do. You're tired of passwd and ls and cd or didn't even know that these existed. What the fuck is this SSH thing anyway? There are lots of things that you can do at Rupture.

  • Learn UNIX. Find a good UNIX tutorial - there are many out there. Here's an especially good one. Try things you learn on Rupture.
  • Games!! ls /usr/games . Then play them.
  • nethack
  • bog
  • Write programs. Like most UNIX systems, Rupture has many programming languages that you can use. Perl, C, C++, python, PHP (mostly for web stuff), and even sh.
  • Email. Send and receive it. By default, mail sent to will arrive in your mailbox. You can use web-based mail at or, from the shell, pine or mutt to read it. You will like pine the most (at least at first).
  • Learn UNIX. Read the tutorials. Try stuff out. Read the manual. man command
  • Learn the History of UNIX.
  • Check out some UNIX Programming Resources.
  • Ask the admin questions.
  • Build a website if you haven't already. Put HTML stuff in your public_html directory and then look at it at Make your page interesting. Add images. Add scripts. Add stories about your sexual exploits. Add naked pictures of your girlfriend (or yourself).
  • Redesign Rupture's front! We suck at design. Contribute to the hand that feeds you by making Rupture attractive. Check out the guidelines and/or email the admin if you want to do this.
  • Talk to people. First, see who's on Rupture and what they're doing by typing w. Then, finger them. Type finger whoever. See what they're up to. Then, talk whoever. Be polite. If they don't seem to like you, go away.
  • Learn what a text editor is.
  • Learn to use a text editor. First, try out pico. The ^ means Ctrl. So do this:
    pico blah
    now i am typing!
  • Edit your .plan . So people will know what you're up to when they finger you.
  • /usr/games/fortune. This can give you hours of enjoyment. Also don't forget to man fortune.
  • Browse the web in text-only glory. Try lynx or w3m.

Advanced Things.

  • vi. A good way to get started is to run vimtutor.
  • Read Rupture Documentation. A collection of simple, precise, step-by-step prose on certain topics.
  • Talk to more people. Use BitchX to go on IRC. Use TinyFugue (tf) to go to a moo. Moo information is available in the FAQs.
  • screen
  • mutt
  • Encrypt your email. First, get a general idea about how stuff works by reading these:
    Then integrate gnupg into your MUA. If you got this far, you should know what MUA means.
  • Learn UNIX. Keep reading. Keep trying things. Ask the admin questions.
  • Play with databases. Ask the admin about MySQL.
  • Make suggestions.


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